Saturday 15 November 2014

How a little exercise can change things....

I met with a 12 year old client the other day...and man was he agitated/excited.  I learned that some of his flappy behaviour when he is mildly agitated become a little more aggressive!  He did not approve of the direction we were going in and kept wanting to stop and turn around.  Every minute or so he would ask to stop and turn around and when I got him walking in the non-preferred direction he would get more flappy and aggressive.

We just kept plugging along...until 25 minutes into our walk...and then I saw the shoulders relax and calmness overcome his body.  My friend was back.

We completed a 6 km walk exploring

a dike along the way.

I am not saying that the science of the walking/exercise had anything to do with settling him down.....I just think that, really deep down, we all know it did!


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