Monday 24 November 2014

Don't Change Much....

OK!  Here I am sporting my new iPhone 6 I won from the good people at

I'm stoked!  I use my phone for work when I am on sessions with my clients taking pictures and most importantly I track our workout sessions using

I simply entered a contest on the Canadian Men's Health Foundation Facebook Page! I have been following the Don't Change Much people for a while.  Lets face is hard to be 20 and perfect when you are in your late 40's and just OK!  Don't Change Much should resonate with a HUGE portion Canadian men because it can provide some guidance for those that need it and some affirmation for those that are doing what they need to do to stay OK and be a little closer to GOOD.

Being OK is just a few steps away from being GOOD....and it doesn't take much.

Check them out here:

THANK YOU Don't Change Much!

EXercise IS Therapy Foundation

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