Monday, 29 September 2014

Normal...typical...SN or not.

I have a friend that I have worked with for 2 years now.  The other day he and his sister were over for a visit and we went for a quick trip to a park.  He rode his bike with my other 10 year old friend (who is a master bike rider) and it was completely normal, typical, standard, not really that exciting, something that kids do.....

The difference here is that 11 months ago this boy screamed and yelled when he sat on a bike that I had modified by taking off the training wheels and pedals.

He can now ride with his peers.  That is a huge thing.

Exercise IS Therapy.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

September 18 Rock For Kids


he Exercise IS Therapy Foundation is presenting a fundraising event on September 18 at the Vancouver Fan Club in Vancouver.  The beneficiaries of the event are Canuck Place Children's Hospice and the 60 Minute Kids Club

​With 2 weeks to go before the night we would like to see tickets purchased for the event!

Warm Regards,

Malcolm Chrystal
Exercise IS Therapy Foundation

Monday, 1 September 2014

Early Bird Prize for Ticket Purchase!

Are you coming to our event at Vancouver Fan Club with Abandon Paris, The Jardines Band, and Franklins Dealers?

If you purchase your tickets BEFORE September 11 you will be entered in a draw to win a special prize basket that may include wine ( really does include wine).

Purchase your tickets here:

Exercise IS Therapy Foundation

Hiking Camp!! September 2-5

Exercise is therapy is pleased make available for the week of September 2 to September 5 Hiking Camp!
From 9 to 12 each day we will explore the local forest trails.

Please contact Malcolm at

EXercise IS Therapy Foundation

Super stoked to announce the formation of the EXercise IS Therapy Foundation!

The mandate of the society is to:

  • develop, fund,and facilitate activities and programs to provide exercise therapy to children with unique and special needs

  • develop and present programs to educate families how to tap into their children's unique needs and facilitate a more active lifestyle for their uniquely abled kids

  • develop and present programs within school districts promoting the use of proactive exercise sessions as an alternative to being removed from the classroom for disruptive behaviours
If you would like more information about the creation of our organisation please contact Malcolm at 

Exercise YOUR Therapy!

Purchase Your Tickets!

You can purchase your tickets online at the link above.

If attending the event is not your cup of tea then you can donate directly on the same page!

Visit our Facebook Page:

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