Tuesday 16 May 2017

Summer Hiking Series


Summer approaches and Exercise Is Therapy will be offering a hiking/walking series.
The hikes will range from 4 to 8 kilometres and will be held at a variety of locations including Burns Bog (Delta Nature Reserve), Watershed Park, Serpentine River, Tynehead Regional Park.

The benefits of being in the woods and in nature has been well researched. Play in nature provides resounding therapeutic benefits.

Sessions will be approximately 3 hours in length and may provide opportunities to get really wet and dirty!  Playful activities will be introduced to challenge both proprioreceptive and vesitbular systems, physical skills and abilities (balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills).

Snacks/lunches, and water will be required, as well as a change of clothes.

Times, dates, and costs will be sorted out but the sessions will be offered under social group sessions and behaviour intervention. These sessions will fit under Autism Funding guidelines.

Please contact Malcolm@exerciseistherapy.org  if you are interested and for more information.


Thursday 14 May 2015

DA in the Park

This session gives an idea to the variety of physical movement that can happen in a session.  Balance (slackline, running on concrete barrier), strength (medicine ball), speed/power (going up the slide), coordination (right and left ball hitting), and general movement skills (up and over picnic table).