Monday, 24 November 2014

Lookin For a Few Good Men and Women

My EXerciseISTherapy Foundation is in place...but it would like some help!

The mandate of the society is to:
  • develop, fund,and facilitate activities and programs to provide exercise therapy to children with unique and special needs
  • develop and present programs to educate families how to tap into their children's unique needs and facilitate a more active lifestyle for their uniquely abled kids
  • develop and present programs within school districts promoting the use of proactive exercise sessions as an alternative to being removed from the classroom for disruptive behaviours
Is this something that you can spare a small amount of time sharing ideas about, adding your perspective to somebody else's ideas?
Would you be interested in helping to find and apply to grants to access funding?
I am discovering that there is a lot to do to be even remotely successful!
If you feel you have something to offer a fledgling non-profit society and would like to become one of those people who were there "right from the beginning" we would love to hear from you!
Exercise IS Therapy Foundation

Don't Change Much....

OK!  Here I am sporting my new iPhone 6 I won from the good people at

I'm stoked!  I use my phone for work when I am on sessions with my clients taking pictures and most importantly I track our workout sessions using

I simply entered a contest on the Canadian Men's Health Foundation Facebook Page! I have been following the Don't Change Much people for a while.  Lets face is hard to be 20 and perfect when you are in your late 40's and just OK!  Don't Change Much should resonate with a HUGE portion Canadian men because it can provide some guidance for those that need it and some affirmation for those that are doing what they need to do to stay OK and be a little closer to GOOD.

Being OK is just a few steps away from being GOOD....and it doesn't take much.

Check them out here:

THANK YOU Don't Change Much!

EXercise IS Therapy Foundation

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How a little exercise can change things....

I met with a 12 year old client the other day...and man was he agitated/excited.  I learned that some of his flappy behaviour when he is mildly agitated become a little more aggressive!  He did not approve of the direction we were going in and kept wanting to stop and turn around.  Every minute or so he would ask to stop and turn around and when I got him walking in the non-preferred direction he would get more flappy and aggressive.

We just kept plugging along...until 25 minutes into our walk...and then I saw the shoulders relax and calmness overcome his body.  My friend was back.

We completed a 6 km walk exploring

a dike along the way.

I am not saying that the science of the walking/exercise had anything to do with settling him down.....I just think that, really deep down, we all know it did!


Saturday, 1 November 2014


If you have access to scholalry articles:

Exercise: a behavioral intervention to enhance brain health and plasticity


Extensive research on humans suggests that exercise could have benefits for overall health and cognitive function, particularly in later life. Recent studies using animal models have been directed towards understanding the neurobiological bases of these benefits. It is now clear that voluntary exercise can increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and other growth factors, stimulateneurogenesis, increase resistance to brain insult and improve learning and mental performance. Recently, high-density oligonucleotide microarray analysis has demonstrated that, in addition to increasing levels of BDNF, exercise mobilizes gene expression profiles that would be predicted to benefit brain plasticity processes. Thus, exercise could provide a simple means to maintain brain function and promote brain plasticity.