Monday 23 September 2013

Meet Your Kids Where They Are At

School has now been under way for a few weeks.
I was meeting with a client last Wednesday who has started Grade 3 with a new teacher, limited access to a new TA, a new schedule, and a whole lot of time away from his mum!  As he came around the corner with his mum, sister, and Fonzie the dog and saw me he BURST into tears!!

Not a great sign!

"Mummy I want to cancel!"  There was more but I won't dwell!  I got Mum to leave with his sister and Fonzie and got my friend to sit with me.  This was a good opportunity to work on some breathing, some hand squeezing (instead of rubbing his eyes), and some talk about how he misses his Mummy and changes at school are hard and that he isn't sleeping well.

After 15 minutes I got my friend to agree to a 'walk and talk' instead of our normal high activity session.

We did over a 4k walk.

It wasn't what I had planned for, but I still count it as a successful session.

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