Friday 13 September 2013

Exercise can work well with Behaviour Plans

As an aversion to completing serious things that needed to be accomplished at home I have spent the morning sending unsolicited emails to a variety of community and provincial autism groups, and provincial organisations across Canada.
I am hopeful that I will generate some contact but I don't hold my breath!!

My goal?  To try and establish a conversation about the state of physical fitness of children and youth with an ASD (and other special needs).

What's your story?  What do you know about fitness levels amongst the special need community.  A stat I came across the other day is that 40 - 50% of kids diagnosed with ASD are either approaching or have reached the line of obesity.

There needs to be a shift in the treatment and behaviour planning for kids with ASD to MANDATE an exercise program INTO behaviour plans.  If a child can be taught to do something for a jelly bean as positive reinforcement...let's pair it with another behaviour (like a push up, a burpee, or a plank!).  ENGAGE your clients physically even while doing Discreet Trial Training at the table!

The benefits can be FAR reaching!


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