Thursday 19 September 2013

A School District Strategy?

I believe that school districts need to create a team of 'exercise practitioners' that will move throughout the schools in the district, pulling kids out of Resource rooms for a block of activity that works on cardiovascular, strength, balance, and motor skills.

Currently, most kids with special needs have an SEA (Special Education Assistant) attached to them for the school day (or they share one with another student depending on their needs).  Often, during physical education classes, these students participate on the periphery of a regular gym class (inclusion?) with their SEA. We can do better.

This post in NO WAY is meant to focus on the lack of exercise or participation during a regular gym class being provided/facilitated by the SEA.  If I am not mistaken SEA's are not trained in providing quality fitness instruction to their students.

A trained group of individuals could.

This block of exercise activity could be put in place as relief for the SEA and provide meaningful sessions of exercise and fitness for the students.

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