Thursday 4 December 2014

IEPs and Physical Activity

Does your child have an Individualised Education Plan (IEP)?

Is prescribed physical activity a part of that IEP?  Not just participation/attendance in gym class because often kids with unique and special needs are not fully integrated.  One aspect of integration is that the child is doing THE SAME THING as the their peers which is often not what is happening.

Integration in gym class may not be possible for your child.

Is your child in a regular stream classroom, but doing their own thing with the help of a full time Educational Assistant?
Why not have the student spend more time throughout the day being physically active.  Advocate to have it written in to their IEP.

Exercise has many more benefits for students in than being stuck in the back of a room with an EA not really participating.  While outside walking, or doing specific exercises EAs have the opportunity to talk with and work on task completion, following instructions, practice speaking (if language is an issue), hand eye coordination, balance, strength (stair climb, bar hang)....all of which can benefit the student's inclass experiences.

Parents need to advocate for more prescriptive exercise in their kids IEPs.

Any thoughts and ideas to add?


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