Tuesday 21 January 2014

Its Always Better when Families Do It!

I work with a couple of boys on Sundays.  The sessions are neat because they are always changing and morphing into something new.  Sometimes it is the mums and little sisters doing what we do, sometimes it is the dads doing what we do.  Sometimes everyone is doing their own thing with all of the toys and slackline I set up.

I can't imagine a better situation where parents can model for their kids how to play.  I tell them that they had better do it now and get good at climbing and jumping over things before their kids get older and shun them at the playground.  No kid is going to send his mum or dad away as he is vaulting over playground equipment like a Secret Ninja Agent...he will be chasing to catch up to his friends who are playing follow the leader.

Fitness is a family game.  Fitness is a lifelong game that needs to be pursued...even as we are heading to our grave...I hope to running and jumping over something on the way.

EXercise IS Therapy

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