Friday 26 April 2013

What Do We Do?

The exercises we might do are all ABILITIES BASED and governed by the level of confidence of the person attending a session:

  • if a person has difficulty running or walking 1km without stopping, that would be something we would work on.
  • core strength is often an issue with some people so we incorporate the use of soft weighted balls into almost everything we do: we had 2 boys (age 6) at a playground hauling a 4kg balls up to the top of a slide and down (10 times!)
  •  have set up ropes for walking along (balance and core).  With a group we do tug-of-war!
  •  stairs are always fun (2x2, throwing a weighted ball up!)
  • playground equipment is some of the best fitness equipment on the planet (arm hangs, climbing skills)
  •  curbs and low walls as balance beams
  • any area where there are large rocks and boulders (stepping stones) is a fantastic piece of equipment for balance.  If it is in our path and it looks like we can climb or hop over it...we will!

If level of confidence in moving and trying new things is fairly low we modify the skill level to ensure success.  We had a boy last year who didn't have the confidence to walk on a low curb.  He does now with ease!

If a person needs work on learning the ideas of game rules, fair play, taking turns and sharing we  incorporate that into group sessions.

Being outside is the single most important part of our sessions; rain or shine. 
Exercise is great, but exercise outside is even better.

Please consider signing up for a complementary session!

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