Monday 4 August 2014

Is Exercise a THERAPY or is it THERAPEUTIC?

Or is it both?

I am in a discussion with an Occupational Therapist who has concerns over the use of the words Exercise IS Therapy as the name of my organisation.

Fair enough.  In order to practice OTs and Physiotherapists belong to a provincially governed professional groups, or Colleges like other professionals (Physicians, Teachers).  Each group provides specialised treatments in the area that they were trained.

Kinesiologists are also trained in an area of specialised treatments.  In BC practicing Kinesiologists are encouraged to join the BC Association of Kinesiologists. Membership in this association allows practitioners to get access to liability insurance (that OTs, PTs, and MDs also carry).  In Ontario Kinesiologists have had the opportunity to create a provincially governed professional College of Kinesiologists.

So here are my questions:
Do you consider EXERCISE to be a therapy?
Should EXERCISE be a service that can be prescribed AND COVERED by extended benefit plans?

Please weigh in with a comment.

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