Sunday 13 July 2014

Summer is under way.....

....and it is beautiful.

The best affirmation I have received in the last couple of weeks have been a note saying that their children have fallen asleep before they even got to bed....and then another picture of them dead to the world and snoring on the floor and the ottoman....

This is what has been happening at "Camp Malcolm":

Each day there has been warm up activity on the bikes, doing some workout stuff on the slacklines...

  • Canada Line, airport, sea bus Adventure Day
    • about 8 kms of walking
    • some 'learn to get on and off the escalator' work
    • just exploring places while exercising
  • 14 km bike day through Delta Forest Reserve trails Day
  • 6km Beach Trek from Jericho Park to Kitsilano Pool Day
    • end with a swim
  • Granville Island Explore and walk to Kits Pool (6km)
    • end with a swim
There is ALWAYS a plan, but it may NEVER be followed.  Sometimes it is important for the kids I work with to understand that change can happen and that we should always be able to handle change because might be more FUN!

Anybody want to join us on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?  Plans for adventures are dependant on who is participating!


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