Sunday 18 May 2014


This was a good week!
This video shows one of my guys riding a bike...actually riding!  I had to look back and recall what I wrote about him when he first sat on his bike:

  • and then I mentioned something about the training wheels coming off...
    • ....... D was visibly upset about the prospect of the wheels coming off .......
    • together we ascertained that he was just scared...much talk about my job (keep him safe) and his job (to listen)
    • success in small measures:  D twice sat on the bike without the training wheels
      • will gradually get up to more

This progression took 8 months.  His bike came to me with training wheels and the first thing I did was take them off.  The next thing I did was take the cranks off.  Now we had a scooter and D could manage the balancing and gliding.  A little way through I put the cranks back on and he continued to glide mostly but was able to occasionally get his foot up on one to stop.

Then I got a text from another mum:
Hi Malcolm! Sports day today. K and I were noticing how much more confident and capable and willing to try new things J and L were this year and we think that has everything to do with YOU!
Thank you.
I sometimes wonder when and where we get to see improvements...this week we saw a couple of things happen.
Pretty happy with my guys!!

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