Wednesday 26 March 2014

Some things we just take for granted

I had a great session with a boy the other day.  This was our fifth session.  Usually we have been limited to a power walk-with a little weight ball interspersed throughout the walk, a swing, a slide, some rock throwing...all in the vane of following directions, contingency statements (first this, than that) , and gaining trust.  Yesterday I opted to bring out the slack line and hop him on it at a really low height (15cm).


Jack it up to 75cm.  He has to climb up.  CR tries to step up but doesn't have the range of motion to lift his foot high enough to step up.  "knee first....knee first".  A little echoalia later CR is climbing up un-prompted.  cool.
CR is not too interested in getting onto the higher slack line so I asked him to jump down 'motorbike style'.  Hold hands and go!


Last time to climb up and try get two feet on the slackline.  Need a picture for Mum!


One last picture:  you jump down motorbike style.


It is a picture that made mum almost cry (because she has never seen him jump down).

Many of us take for granted the things we think that kids with special needs CAN'T do.  I just expect that any of my kids can learn to do almost ANYTHING.

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