Wednesday 6 November 2013

Have the Conversation With Your Feet

Your feet speak to you.  You should listen!

I have been playing with a couple of boys and we do a lot of Parkour type climbing and jumping.  A few times feet slip on the playground equipment and they appears SO surprised!

I have started the mantra "listen to your feet".

Your feet are full of nerve endings called proprioceptors.  They communicate with instant feedback to your body about what type of ground (or object) your feet are in contact with.  They innervate the necessary muscles required to respond to the stimuli they are receiving.

Can you play in your bare feet?  Even better.  Open up the lines of communication between you and your feet.  They will keep you upright and safe.

Go.  Get Grounded!

ps...your hands speak to you as well...just a little differently.  Elbows and armpits do not speak to you very well at all so keep using your hands to hang on to things....

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