Thursday 31 October 2013

What Do We Provide?

Exercise Is Therapy is dedicated to the promotion of fitness for persons with special needs, in particular those kids on the autism spectrum.

The benefits of exercise are far reaching both immediately and long term. Above and beyond the improvement of strength, muscle tone, cardiovascular, and kinaesthetic improvements that can be obtained from an exercise program there is a growing body of research that explores the endocrine and neurological benefits as well. 

INDIVIDUALS:  an abilities based program that will identify strengths and build on them.

  • Fitness based
    • Dynamic skills --> single and double leg hops, jumping from a height, medicine ball lift, throw and catch, climbing over, under, and through obstacles, stair climbing

    • Balance skills --> slack line, wobble seats, stepping stones, curb walking

    • Strength skills --> medicine ball (for grip strength), movement of medicine balls through playground, medicine ball distance throws, push ups, pull ups
    • Coordination skills --> walk-jog-run, stair climb, juggle, catch and throw, movement (motor) planning
  • Goal oriented
    • learn to catch and throw, juggle, ride a scooter or bike, run long distances, snow board, Parkour, swimming, climb a tree, toss a caber!
SMALL GROUPS:  social skills are practiced through physical play, rules of the game, communication

FAMILIES:  participation in healthy activities is best modeled by the whole family. 
  • When Mum, Dad, siblings, caregivers, and friends participate in activities that are inclusive and abilities based EVERYBODY benefits.  
  • The simplest playground can rival the most modern gym if you know how to use it!
COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  Seminars on the Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How of fitness for ALL individuals

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