Friday 2 August 2013

I Have NO Time to Exercise

"I have no time to exercise".

As a parent I get that.  What I think you are really saying is I don't have any time to exercise alone.

If your kids love the playground then play with them.  Go down the slide.  More importantly you should try a chin up wherever you can.  Can't do one?  Jump.  Cheat.  I promise you, that after a few months of jumping up and grabbing that bar above your head, you will be doing a non-cheating chin up.
Jump off things.  Pretend you are riding a motorbike when you land.  Jump from higher things.  Keep challenging yourself to 'exercise' while you play with your kids.

Changes won't happen in a month, or even half a year...but if you keep at it there will be noticeable differences in your strength and fitness.

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