Friday 26 July 2013

Exercise...Not Recreation

Don't get me wrong, recreation is an important aspect of quality of life, but what if you don't have the physical abilities to do many of the activities that require a certain strength and skill set that allow you to participate in recreational activities?

Fitness is a tool that will enhance the ability to participate in recreational activities.

Lately I have been thinking (even dreaming of) parkour as an important tool to promote and enhance the physical abilities of children.  In fact I have a client who lists parkour as one of his likes.  I design his sessions around the idea of parkour type exercises.  Not only are the exercises increasing his strength and power (relative to his body) but balance and confidence in moving his body will only continue to grow.

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  1. Hi Malcolm -- this is Brooke from BC b-sides, just wanted to leave a quick note and let you know I really enjoy your blog and we've added you to our blog roll,

    I look forward to learning and reading more!