Tuesday 25 June 2013

Quiet Running

Run like a Ninja.

It has occurred to me of late that non-runners are those of heavy feet.  A few of my clients make a huge flappy noise when they run and I remind them to "run like a Ninja".

That shuffling noise you hear when some people run is actually them putting the brakes on and it takes a lot of energy to run with your brakes on!

Your stride should be quiet.  You need to run OVER your foot strike and not INTO it.
If you are a beginner runner, lose the heel strike, run more on the mid-foot, and have active toes as you stride forward. Not only does it change the way you sound, but it changes the way you look when you run...you look like a runner!

One of my clients who was a terribly noisy runner did a 1 km run last week and he looked like a completely different person running....I didn't hear him run at all.

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