Wednesday 8 May 2013

Defining our Services

It is important to define the services that we offer.

I am a Kinesiologist who specialises in providing exercise and conditioning activities.   As a member of the BC Association of Kinesiologists I am governed by professional standards that are in place for the protection of both clients and practitioners.  As a member of the BCAK and the Canadian Association of Kinesiologists we are supported by a National Professional Liability Insurance Program.

I focus my practice to serve clients with special needs, in particular children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder  . Up to 30% of individuals with autism suffer from a moderate to severe loss of muscle tone, which can limit their gross and fine motor skills.

My goal is to see children be able to participate with confidence in Gym class, to be able to run up and down the soccer field at recess with their peers, to learn the social rules of playing with others and the game rules of the sport of their choice.  I try and train clients to be deliberate and purposefull in their movement and to be able to move their body skillfully and safely. I would like to see individuals learn that running, swimming or biking can become the things they CAN DO, rather than things they WON'T DO.

Strength and conditioning is the root of all physical activity.  Physical activity is part of an important developmental progression.

Having the ability to play sports and games with peers is an important part of social development.

As a student studying Applied Behaviour Analysis I am learning more about children with autism and how to teach new behaviours that may improve their quality of life.

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