Saturday 24 March 2012

The difference a year can make...

Tonight we took our little friends for a walk.
IN is 3 and DN is 5.  IN has autism and DN has Downs Syndrome and autism.

Last January we took them for a very similar walk and it was quite different back then compared with today.  Last year this walk consisted of a whole bunch of cajoling, carrying, and resting.  By the time we got through the 0.9km walk I think 2 hours had passed and the two of them collapsed into a deep sleep (IN was still standing when she fell asleep) within 20 minutes of getting home.

Tonight the walk took maybe 45 minutes, complete with bunny hopping, frog hopping, hiding behind garbage cans, running, and funny monster walking, a visit with a walking dog, and airplane viewing.  After we got home we got drinks, marched up for a bath, read a bed time book and they slept soundly all night.

Exercise has improved these little ones fitness, sleeping habits, and eating habits.  It has been a year and things are NEVER perfect and they still have a long way to go.  I hope to share their stories and those of new clients in this blog.

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